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Welcome to The Horticulture Blog

We’re going to use this blog to share care advice and tips for all things plant related and of course show you what’s new in the shop because c’mon, we know you’re here for the plants right?!

Let’s get started with something we hear a lot “I kill everything’ and ‘I’m not green fingered at all’, and let’s be honest, who here hasn’t killed at plant at least once in their life? (Disclaimer, we have) But don’t despair, all things green and wonderful aren’t here to test us. But we do realise that many of you see caring for plants as something complicated, over the year we’ve had numerous conversations with customers in the shop discussing your issues at being able to nurture the plants you see in the shop, in your home or garden.

Here at The Horticulture we specialise in indoor and garden plant and we aim to give you clear and simple advice so that everyone can get the best out of their plants. And we know that once you’ve realised your love for houseplants, sooner or later your heart will conquer gardening and vice versa.

In this next blog post we’ll discuss how the plants we keep indoors in the UK, grow outside in their native environments, and how understanding the growing conditions in the wild, will help us to keep the plants we take home thriving. And if there’s anything specific that you’d like us to cover here on the blog, you can of course message us on any of our social media platform.

Rachael Chambers-New 
The Horticulture team

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