Cocos nucifera ‘Coconut Palm’


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The iconic looking Coconut Palm is what we all think of when we imagine tropical coastlines and sunshine. Large fans of foliage shoot out from the coconut shell. 

This plant certainly makes a big statement but is what can only be described as high maintenance. 

It needs bright light and cope with full sun (it really enjoys being outdoors in summer) but it doesn’t like  fluctuations in temperature so keep it away from windows. It’s important to ensure the soil is kept moist for this plant but don’t soak it. High humidity is also a must for this plant, misting is recommended daily. 

Pot size – 20cm

Height – 92cm

Please note: All plants are unique and so may not appear exactly like that in the photos, but will be of a similar size and variety. Ceramic pot just for visual purpose, plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

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  • Upright
  • Sun / Semi shade
  • Large,XL Size plant (Pot size – 20cm / Height – 92cm)