Euphorbia xylophylloides


A ‘cacti’’ Euphorbia forming a large branched shrub or even a tree up to 20m tall in its native environment. It grows upward at first but as it adds branches the plant sprawls laterally forming a large irregular mass. It is almost leafless and one of the few species with fleshy, flat, ribbon-like shoots reminiscent of the Christmas Cactus.

This plant prefers warm and bright indirect light spot. Whilst most cacti light to dry out its important to water well during the growing season and much less in the cooler months. 

Please note: All plants are unique and so may not appear exactly like that in the photos, but will be of a similar size and variety. Ceramic pot just for visual purpose, plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

In stock

  • Medium plant
  • Bright / Indirect
  • Medium size plant ( 13cm pot / 30 cm height)

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