Philodendron White Birkin


A relatively new Philodendron to the market, the Birkin has beautiful white pin stripe variegation to the foliage. This plant is a compact variety and a slower grower than most of the philodendron family.  To maintain the variegation on this plant, position it in brightly lit space but away from direct sunlight. The Birkin likes to be kept in moist soil, allow the top layer to dry out between waterings and always ensure any excess water can drain away freely.

Please note: All plants are unique and so may not appear exactly like that in the photos, but will be of a similar size and variety. Ceramic pot just for visual purpose, plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

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  • Upright
  • Sun / semi shade
  • medium size (10cm pot / 20cm height)
  • Air purifier