Begonia luxurians ‘Palm leaf begonia’


Please note: The Begonia luxurians ‘Palm leaf begonia’ is currently only available for click and collect to our Derbyshire store.

The Begonia luxurians ‘Palm leaf begonia’ Is an unusual species found in the rainforests of Brazil.  It is definitely one of our more unique houseplants here at The Horticulture. But is truly a beautiful stunning houseplant. 

Light / The Begonia luxurians loves filtered light. So position in a sunny spot. 

Water / Water twice a week to keep the soil moist. During winter water sparingly, allowing soil to dry out completely between waterings. 

Please note:All plants are unique and so may not appear exactly like that in the photos, but will be of a similar size and variety.

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  • Position: Trailing/Climbing
  • Condition: Bright / Indirect
  • Size: Medium size (12cm pot / 32cm height)