Small epiphyllum anguliger ‘Fishbone / zigzag / ric-rac cactus’


This truly stunning plant has uniquely shaped flat waxy stems that resemble a fish bone or zigzag, hence its name. The stems begin to grow upright but will ultimately begin to trail under their own weight as they get longer. Position this plant in a bright location away from direct sunlight. This plant is low maintenace and can tolerate periods of neglect. Water well during the warmer months but make sure any excess water can drain away freely. In the colder months water ledd frequently.

Please note: All plants are unique and so may not appear exactly like that in the photos, but will be of a similar size and variety. Ceramic pot just for visual purpose, plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

In stock

  • Trailing
  • Sun/Semi shade
  • Small Size (12cm pot)
  • Non-toxic to pets

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